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How it works

How to book


Book transfer online directly on the webpage: In the search box choose pick-up and destination point, as well as pick up date, in case you'd like to book round trip choose return date. The system will propose You several car classes. Choose the classe You need, precise the number of passengers, including children and number of luggage (oversized baggage, ski, baby stroller etc ). Proceed to the payment.  






Book transfer by mail: You can mail your request directly on  info@france-transfer.com Please name the following information: pick-up and destination point, pick up date, in case you'd like to book round trip- return date, car classe, number of passengers, including children and number of luggage (oversized baggage, ski, baby stroller etc ), contact information( your name, phone number and mail). Your request will be treated in 24h



Book transfer by phone: You can phone us directly  +33 6 51 68 23 34  7/7 from 8 a.m. till 8 p.m.  




How to pay


You have a possibility to make a prepayment (10%) for booking a transfer. The remaining amount should be paid in cash directly to the driver. You can also make total payment online.

You can pay your transfer using Visa or Mastercard. Please specify your credit card details ( number, CVV, cardholder, expiration date) to finish the payment.





Prepayment via PayPal: In case you have a Paypal account , you can use it to pay the prepayment. Log in , select one of the linked cards and pay. Find out more PayPal 



Cashless payment via bank transfer.

Bank transfer payment is possible under client request. FranceTransfer company settles down client final  account with the service description and company swift code and BIC. While preparing bank transfer please note down the company current Account number In the purpose and name of transfer.



Based in Bordeaux, « France Transfer » private drivers company has been operating since 2009. We provide the biggest  amount of service by our own carpark. Our vehicles all equipped with air-conditioning are stylish, clean and a sheer pleasure to be in, combine this with a team of natural English speaking staff controlling reservations 24/24h 7/7 ( hotline + 33 6 51 68 23 34) and  qualified English-speaking chauffeurs,  and we are The Best!

Online booking payments are provided by one the biggest banks in France- Banque Populaire. Their security solutions for oneline booking  are standardized  and  sertified by  3D-Secure Level: Verified by Visa и SecureCode  from MasterCard.http://www.bpaca.banquepopulaire.fr



Agreement conditions

Terms and Conditions

France-Transfer.com acts as an agent for transfer providers (i.e., third party transportation companies and taxi services). France-Transfer.com provides searching and booking of transfers on its website. The contract for the provision of transportation services is concluded between You and the Provider.

1. Transfer

1.1 A transfer is the movement of one or more passengers from one location to another.

1.2 The cost of transfer depends on the type of vehicle and the distance between two locations. The price does not depend on address within the city limits.

1.3 The transfer is carried out with a vehicle which corresponds to the number of passengers and pieces of luggage.

1.4 The location of departure and destination must have a particular address (ex., airport, sea port, railway station, bus station or any other specific address within the city limits).

1.5 The driver waits for the client at the pick-up location holding a board with client’s last name and on it.

1.6 Voucher must be shown to the driver.

2. Booking

To make a booking, You must fill in all the required fields on online booking form. You must enter your information using Latin characters.

2.1 Type or choose a city or an airport as your Pick-up and Drop-off locations.

2.2 Choose a desirable type of vehicle. Please be aware that all children (regardless of their age) are counted as passengers and must have an individual seat.

2.3 Enter your travel details: address, flight number (or your bus, train, ship information) as well as your contact information. Make sure the mobile phone number you entered is correct and the phone will be with you at the time of arrival.

2.4 Specify the number of child seats needed. Please note: An additional fee of 5 euro per one child seat will be added to the total price of transfer.

2.5. Please note: On this website, you can make a booking not later than 48 hours prior to your departure date.

2.6 In order to confirm the booking, France-Transfer sends a voucher to your e-mail address. Please print the voucher and take it with you.

2.7 The client is responsible for accuracy of all of the travel details. You must check and ensure that all information you provide is correct and complete. In case of transfer failure due to incorrect data in the voucher (e.g., contact information, pick-up time and place), no money will be refunded to the client. Make sure the time you enter is the local time in the country of transfer.

2.8. If our system fails to find your route in our database, it will prompt you to complete the inquiry form requesting cost calculation. Your request will be processed shortly and the results will be sent to you via e-mail.

For more information please click here

3. Changes and Cancellation Policies

3.1 All orders must be cancelled no later than 48 hours before the time of the beginning of transfer. To cancel an order the client should send an e-mail to info@ france-transfer.com with order details (order number and the reason for cancellation) or follow the cancellation link in the order confirmation e-mail.

3.2 Any changes (such as transfer date and time, destination, etc.) must be made no later than 48 hours before the transfer starts.

3.3 Changes in the type of vehicle and route can affect the cost of transfer service.

3.4 The client must inform the customer support about the changes 48 hours prior to the transfer via e-mail by sending a message to info@france-transfer.com. Changes come into force right after they have been confirmed by a customer support representative.

3.5. In case of emergency changes (less than 24 hours before the transfer starts) the client must inform his driver. His contact information will be sent to the client in advance (usually 2-3 days prior to departure) via e-mail. It is your responsibility to contact your driver and inform him about the changes (changes in time or place, delayed flights, custom delays, etc.)

4. Meeting the Driver

4.1 The driver must meet the client at the pick-up location at the time specified in the voucher. The driver will be holding a board with client’s name on it.

4.2 Your driver will be waiting for you for 1 hour. If within this time the client and his driver fail to meet, the order shall be considered canceled.

4.3 The driver may want to contact the client by mobile phone prior to departure to arrange the meeting.

4.4 If some reason the driver cannot pickup the client in time, he must inform the client in advance.

4.5 The client must be waiting for the driver at the meeting point at the time specified in the voucher.

4.6 Your driver’s contact information will be sent shortly before the transfer date by e-mail. The client is obliged to inform the driver of urgent changes (pick-up/drop-off time and location, flight delays, etc.)

4.7 If the driver fails to show up at pick-up location at the time specified in the voucher within 15-20 minutes and does not answer the phone, the transfer shall be considered canceled. In order to receive a refund, the client must prove that he was, in fact, waiting for his driver at the time and place specified in the voucher. A picture of time board showing the current time and date will serve as acceptable proof. The client must send an e-mail with all the details to 

info@ france-transfer.com

5. Luggage

5.1 The number of allowed luggage pieces corresponds to the capacity of chosen vehicle. If there is an excess luggage it is the client’s duty to inform France-Transfer customer support about it.

5.2 If you have extra-size items with you, it is your duty to inform France-Transfer customer support in advance by e-mail.

5.3 Minivans have room for 3 passengers + 3 pieces of luggage or 6 passengers without luggage.

6. Prices and Payment options

6.1 The price of transfer displayed on our website depends on chosen type of vehicle and distance between departure and destination points. The price does not depend on the address within the city limits.

6.2 The payment is divided into two parts: a small pre-payment is taken for booking a taxi. The balance amount is to be paid to the driver in cash upon arrival. The cost of transfer may vary depending on chosen route, type of transfer and number of child seats.

6.3 All payments must be made either in the currency stated in your voucher or in the local currency of the country of transfer at the official rate.

6.4 If there is a return transfer booked, a 50% advance payment for return transfer is obligatory and must be paid to the driver upon arrival.

7. Restrictions

7.1 Smoking and drinking is prohibited in the vehicle. In case of violation the driver has the right to stop the car and ask you to leave.

7.2 The number of passengers cannot go beyond the seating capacity of the vehicle. Transportation of extra passengers is not allowed. In this case, the driver has the right to refuse service. If so, no deposit will be refunded.

8. Flight delay

8.1 Your mobile phone (linked to the phone number in your voucher) should be switched on arrival, as your driver may want to contact you.

8.2 In case of flight delay the client must contact the driver and report the delay. Most of the drivers are aware of changes as monitoring delays. However, a flight delay can result in your transfer being canceled. In this case, your driver will call to inform you.

9. Cancellations made by the manager

9.1 An order can be canceled by the manager for any of the following reasons:

9.1.1 The number of passengers exceeds the vehicle seating capacity;

9.1.2 The client failed to provide correct travel details (flight, route, dates);

9.1.3 The client failed to provide correct contact information;

9.1.4 The Provider refuses to confirm the order.

9.2 The customer will be informed of cancellation in advance by e-mail.

9.3 Refunds can take up to 3-5 business days.

10. General

10.1 Client may be offered a vehicle of higher class than it has been stated in voucher at the same price.

10.2 The driver may want to contact the client by mobile phone one hour prior to departure (unless his pick-up location is an airport). Please keep your phone turned on.