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Transfer Chamonix → Grenoble–Isеre Airport

Minivan comfort (1-4 passengers)
WV Caravella, Reno Trafic, etc.
x 4    x 4    x 48 h.
420.00 €
Minivan comfort (5-8 passengers)
WV Caravella, Reno Trafic etc.
x 8    x 8    x 48 h.
450.00 €
Minivan prestige
Mercedes Viano, Mercedes V
x 7    x 7    x 48 h.
600.00 €
Mercedes S-class, Bmw 7, etc.
x 3    x 3    x 48 h.
750.00 €
Mercedes Sprinter
x 18    x 18    x 48 h.
1,250.00 €

Chamonix → Grenoble–Isеre Airport

Chamonix is ​​a city at the foot of Mont Blanc (the highest mountain in Western Europe 4807 meters) in eastern France, in the Haute-Savoie department. The population is about 10,000 people.

When Chamonix is ​​mentioned, the word “most” immediately comes to mind.
Chamonix is
- the oldest resort in France (more than 200 years of history)
- the largest resort in France (population over 10,000 people)
- the most popular resort in France
- the highest peak in Europe
- the most beautiful view of Mont Blanc
- the most legendary glaciers, and the list goes on.

Chamonix is ​​equally good in winter and summer.
The excellent infrastructure of the resort will allow you to choose accommodation to your taste and budget.
The variety of ski runs is suitable for both beginners and very advanced skiers.
And the famous off-piste descent along the White Valley is the dream of many fans of alpine skiing. Magical, amazing, amazing. All superlative epithets will do to describe this 23 km long glacier descent.
The descent takes almost the entire daylight hours, accompanied by a guide, the level of skiers is from confident to expert.

Chamonix is ​​part of the Mont Blanc ski region, you can purchase two types of ski passes - Chamonix Le Pass - for skiing throughout the Chamonix ski area (with the exception of the top of the Grands Montets), slopes at an altitude of 1000 to 2500 meters.,
Mont Blanc Unlimited is the opportunity to ski in three countries, not only on the slopes (or off the slopes) of the legendary Chamonix Valley, but also in Courmayeur, Italy and Verbier, Switzerland.

Chamonix is ​​developing purely as a tourist center, which is able to receive up to 60 thousand tourists per day; in just a year, Chamonix receives up to 5 million guests.
The city can be reached by train as Chamonix is ​​the only ski resort in France with its own train station.