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Transfer Geneva → Chamonix

Minivan comfort (1-4 passengers)
WV Caravella, Reno Trafic, etc.
x 4    x 4    x 48 h.
300.00 €
Minivan comfort (5-8 passengers)
WV Caravella, Reno Trafic etc.
x 8    x 8    x 48 h.
330.00 €
Minivan prestige
Mercedes Viano, Mercedes V
x 7    x 7    x 48 h.
400.00 €
Mercedes S-class, Bmw 7, etc.
x 3    x 3    x 48 h.
650.00 €
Mercedes Sprinter
x 18    x 18    x 48 h.

Geneva → Chamonix

Chamonix ski resort in France
In the valley, surrounded by the French Alps, among which the majestic Mont Blanc rises, is the famous and popular ski resort of Chamonix.

The first inn at the foot of the slopes appeared in 1770, but the real interest among travelers arose after the conquest of the mighty Mont Blanc (1786). The tourist boom to the mountain began in 1866. At that time, the first railway line was launched, linking Saint-Gervais Le Fayet and Chamonix.

The popularity of the ski resort came after the World's First Winter Olympics (1924) was held on the territory of the complex.

On the modern territory of the Chamonix ski resort there are many hotels, shops, bars, restaurants and entertainment complexes. But, the main attraction is more than a hundred tracks, of various difficulty levels, laid on the slopes of the mountains. From observation platforms located at an altitude of over 3000 m, a bewitching panoramic view of France, Switzerland and Italy opens up.