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Transfer Tignes → Chambery Airport

Minivan comfort (1-4 passengers)
WV Caravella, Reno Trafic, etc.
x 4    x 4    x 48 h.
390.00 €
Minivan comfort (5-8 passengers)
WV Caravella, Reno Trafic etc.
x 8    x 8    x 48 h.
410.00 €
Minivan prestige
Mercedes Viano, Mercedes V
x 7    x 7    x 48 h.
550.00 €
Mercedes S-class, Bmw 7, etc.
x 3    x 3    x 48 h.
650.00 €
Mercedes Sprinter
x 18    x 18    x 48 h.

Tignes → Chambery Airport

Tignes is located high in the mountains and, together with Val d'Isère, represents an extensive ski area called Espace Killy - "Killi Space".

Tignes is a relatively young resort. Its construction began in 1952, and it was designed at a time when the idea of ​​building so-called ski stations was already in the air. Therefore, for those who prefer the view of small alpine chalets, it may not seem very comfortable in Tignes - they will have to live in multi-storey buildings that do not harmonize with the surrounding landscapes.

But the entire infrastructure of the resort is very convenient and compactly located, and the prices for accommodation do not go off scale.
From Tignes it is convenient to get to most of the main ski areas. The best way to get to Val d'Isère is by gondola via Toviere. They usually return back on a high-speed eight-seat cable car.

Above the resort itself is the giant Grande Motte glacier, which is ridden all year round. A high-speed subway leads to the foot of the glacier from Tignes. Above, up to the mark of 3456 meters, one more rise in the car. On the glacier itself there are blue trails, perfect for carving. Freeride enthusiasts should head towards the lower western part of the slopes, located between the Col de Ves and the Col de Palais.

The truly “black” slope of Sache with a vertical drop of 1200 meters starts at L’Augille Percee (2765 m). And on the sunny southern slopes above Tignes-le-Lac is a gigantic snow park. Its length is almost two and a half kilometers with a height difference of 500 meters. Every year at the beginning of the season, the world championships in snowboarding and freestyle are held here.