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Transfer Tignes → Grenoble–Isеre Airport

Minivan comfort (1-4 passengers)
WV Caravella, Reno Trafic, etc.
x 4    x 4    x 48 h.
460.00 €
Minivan comfort (5-8 passengers)
WV Caravella, Reno Trafic etc.
x 8    x 8    x 48 h.
490.00 €
Minivan prestige
Mercedes Viano, Mercedes V
x 7    x 7    x 48 h.
650.00 €
Mercedes S-class, Bmw 7, etc.
x 3    x 3    x 48 h.
800.00 €
Mercedes Sprinter
x 18    x 18    x 48 h.
1,200.00 €

Tignes → Grenoble–Isеre Airport


The Tignes ski resort is the second highest location in Europe, located in the Rhone-Alpes region, 500 km from Paris.

Tignes is a village that has risen from the ruins and ascended to a height.
The former village of Tignes, located at an altitude of 1500, was washed away by the waters of Lake Lac de Chevril in 1952 as a result of a dam break. However, in 1957 the new village of Tignes was built already at an altitude of 2100 meters.

Today it is already one of the highest mountain resorts in the world, consisting of several villages - Val Claret (Val Claret, 2300 m), Tignes le Lac (Tignes le Lac, 2150 m), Tignes 2100 (Tignes 2100) and Le Lavache (Le Lavachet, 2100 m).

Tignes, together with Val de Zire, is part of the famous Espace Killy ski region. The Espace Killy ski region (more than 300 km of combined slopes) rightfully ranks with the famous Three Valleys and Paradise Ski.

For winter sports enthusiasts, Tignes is a resort with a variety of pistes and guaranteed ideal skiing conditions from September to May.

For beginner skiers and snowboarders, there are trails for beginners with free lifts.

Diversity in Tignes not only distinguishes the ski slopes, but also the rest of the entertainment program off the slopes.
It offers a sports center with a swimming pool and saunas, a skating rink, bowling, numerous restaurants, bars and discos.

Tignes belongs to the "green resorts", all cars must be placed in paid parking lots.