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Transfer Val D'Isere → Grenoble–Isеre Airport

Minivan comfort (1-4 passengers)
WV Caravella, Reno Trafic, etc.
x 4    x 4    x 48 h.
460.00 €
Minivan comfort (5-8 passengers)
WV Caravella, Reno Trafic etc.
x 8    x 8    x 48 h.
490.00 €
Minivan prestige
Mercedes Viano, Mercedes V
x 7    x 7    x 48 h.
650.00 €
Mercedes S-class, Bmw 7, etc.
x 3    x 3    x 48 h.
850.00 €
Mercedes Sprinter
x 18    x 18    x 48 h.
1,300.00 €

Val D'Isere → Grenoble–Isеre Airport

Val d'Isère in France combines the original appearance of an old Savoyard town, the possibilities of a first-class ski resort and cordial Alpine hospitality. The resort is located in the picturesque valley of Espace Killy, named after the Olympic champion in alpine skiing Jean-Claude Killy, offers the highest standards for active and family holidays, modern sports infrastructure and excellent conditions for après-ski.
Val d'Isère is located at an altitude of 1850 m, 5 km from the border with Italy, between the French Vanoise National Park and the Italian Grand Paradise Park.
The history of Val d'Isère dates back to ancient times, when there were small Celtic settlements, in 1637 it received the status of a city, but only in the middle of the 20th century it became known as a ski resort. In 1992, during the Winter Olympics, skiing competitions were held in Val d'Isère, and in 2009 the Alpine Skiing World Championships were held. Today, Val d'Isère offers excellent opportunities for amateur and professional skiing.